Here’s a list of articles about me, interviews with me, and pieces I’ve written for other publications. I’m including these here so that you can get more of a sense of who I am and the work I do. I figure the better you know me and what I bring to the table, the better you’ll be able to decide if I’m the right coach for you. That transparent authenticity is a big part of my identity — both as a life coach and as a person — and helping others live into being their fullest, most authentic selves is a major part of my life purpose, my mission in coaching, and my muse in all artistic endeavors. The world desperately needs each of us to be our own “Most-Me”.

Here’s some reflections of mine:

8-episode podcast series featuring me with Rebecca Thompson Hitt of the Consciously Parenting Project on the subject of Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys — 

Interview about using empathy in parenting —

Interview about avoiding praise and punishment, and using empathetic connection in parenting —

Interview with my partner in life and mission, Natalie Christensen, and me about how we help parents — 

Interview with Natalie and me about Emotional Sovereignty and how to move toward it —

Ashoka ChangeMakers panel discussion on overcoming specific challenges in empathy education —

Art Project Media: From the DreamCatching show —

Art Project Media: From the Butterfly Herbus Regularis show —

Articles that quote and/or borrow from me —

Published articles —

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