Getting the Most out of Your EBI Session

In my experience, there are certain things that can help deepen the impact and efficacy of Emotional Body Integration work. What follows is a brief list of the most common preparations, practices, and other integration-supportive ideas from both my clients’ and my own observations.

In advance of the session:
• Spend some time considering the painful pattern(s) in your life. Are there associations and/or themes that you notice?
• Consider the quality of the emotion(s) associated with the pattern(s) or situation(s). Can you name some of the feelings involved? Can you feel into them? Notice the textures involved? Notice where and how it shows up in your body?
• Allow your own inner guidance to give you information about the true source(s) of the emotion(s) and pattern(s) involved. Do you have a sense of the root cause(s) and/or initial events involved? What can you “remember”?
• If the session is to be done remotely (via FaceTime or Zoom), then we’ll need to rely on you to create your own safe and sacred space for the session. Find out how to do that here.
• If possible, give yourself a buffer of time both before and after the session in order to be fully available for the session work and the reintegration needs you may have following.
• Ask me any questions you may still have about the session, healing work, or process.

During the session:
• If done remotely, then make absolutely certain you will not be disturbed for the entire length of the session.
• Be prepared to talk about and fully experience your feelings.
• Give yourself over to the process as fully as you’re able, even if it feels “weird” or “cheesy” or “embarrassing”.  The power you give to the session makes all the difference in how effective it will be for you.
• Trust your own truth. And share anything that feels important.
• Let me know if you need to pause for any reason whatsoever.
• Believe in your ability to heal.

After the session:
Don’t look for the trauma, discomfort, or painful pattern(s) to still be there.
• Take really excellent care of your physical and emotional needs both immediately following the session and in the days afterward. Think of the session like “surgery” and take appropriate time to convalesce and heal from the work. (Don’t make the same mistake I did and ignore this part.)
• Use a piece of thread or other light string to make a simple loop around your finger or wrist, or make and keep with you another simple and short-lasting reminder of the session and of the healing you are still integrating. If you received a power animal, you may also wish to print out a picture of the animal and put it up, or get a portable fetish, to remind you of your ally.
• Be on the lookout for the return of lost proclivities (creativity, or “talents” you may have had earlier in life, for example) or the occurrence of new ones — particularly if your EBI session involved a soul retrieval.
• When you find yourself entering a pattern with which you have previously struggled (and on which we have worked), look for the novel response now available to you. Make new choices!
• I also strongly encourage you to do some integration coaching work with either me or another trusted professional to continue the healing and in order to process anything that comes up for you as a result of the Emotional Body work.

Other questions? Check out the FAQs!