Creating Safe Space for Your EBI Session

Normally, when I do an Emotional Body Integration session (or what I usually refer to as the Emotional Body Work session in an EBI package of sessions), I spend time crafting a safe and reverential space for the client before the session begins. I use blankets and sacred objects that I have collected exclusively for this purpose and arrange them precisely on the floor in order to provide a cozy spot for the client to lie down during portions of the session. I also do this to create a protective zone in order to communicate to the client’s nervous system that all is well and secure, and that it can relax into the open and receptive state necessary for the session to work best. It’s also an energetic envelope so that everything energetically brought to the surface and/or removed can be handled and returned to Source without leaking into the environs around the session.

When I do these sessions remotely, I still prepare this safe and sacred space on my end (with the “blank” you see pictured above in place of the person), but I also ask the client to create the same type of space on their end. And here’s what I suggest for doing that:

  • First, in addition to earbuds which you will want so that you can have your hands free during the session, there are a few items to collect. I find it works best to make this an intentional activity. Go looking for these items with your full presence, intending to find just the right things, and to instill them (in your thoughts, your intention, and your own energy) with the full sense of safety described above. Pick things — blankets and your own sacred and empowering objects — that are free of any negative charge in your mind or experience. You will need:
    1. Two blankets, one to lie on, and one to lie under (if you like).
    2. Four (or eight) small sacred objects. These could be stones or crystals, shells, beads, miniature statues or fetishes, pieces of wood, small presents from loved ones. Anything about which you have powerful positive associations of either an emotional or spiritual nature. I use specific crystals, stones, and a shell that I gathered for this purpose. You can pick things that are already sacred to you (or have subtle properties you wish to include in the session), or do a ritual to purify and add your intention to any ordinary items you wish to use.
    3. Sage, cedar, sweetgrass, palo santo or other purifying agent with which to smudge your items.
  • Next, you’ll want to find a secure and (hopefully) emotionally neutral location. There needs to be a door you can lock (or at least be sure no one will open during the session) and enough of a physical buffer of space on the other side of the door so that there won’t be any noises or distractions that disturb you through it (this includes phones, pets, children, or well intentioned loved ones checking in on you).
  • After selecting a secure location, bring the items you collected into the area and mindfully use the purifying agent of your choice (sage, palo santo, etc.) to clear the area and each of the items of any charge and to purify them for your use in the session.
  • Physically remove any obstructions on the floor where you plan to spread the blanket — clothes, dog hair, kid toys, shoes, etc. — anything that might distract you or get in your way.
  • Continuing to consciously intend to craft safe and sacred space for yourself, spread out the blanket on which you will lie. At either the four corners of the blanket or at the four cardinal directions, place one each of the special objects you collected (stones, crystals, etc.) — if you have associations for which item goes at each spot already feel free to use them, but otherwise, place the objects in whatever order and in whichever location feels best to you at the time. If you collected eight objects, you may place the remaining four at the half points between the others. Be certain to leave enough room for you to comfortably lie inside the perimeter set by the objects.
  • Bring the second blanket, a pillow if you need it, water, and anything else that you need or want to have with you to help you feel as comfortable and secure as you possibly can for the duration of the session onto the spread out blanket.
  • Between the time you set up your space and the session in which we’ll use it, do your best to limit or prohibit any other activity in the area, particularly anything that is likely to introduce a negative charge to the space or items you’re using.
  • Remember throughout the session that no harm can possibly come to you, and that nothing we are releasing or working with can or will be used against you in any manner whatsoever.

Other things you may wish to have on hand:

  • Tissue or hanky
  • Power items — anything you already associate with your own personal empowerment will work
  • Thread — just enough to tie a thin band around your finger or wrist after the session, as a reminder of the healing that is continuing within you.

For the visually-inclined, here is a lovely diagram my esteemed partner, Natalie, made for us as an example of how the space may look and the important factors involved in crafting it for yourself. (Thanks Natalie!)

Feel free to email me at of you have any further questions about setting up your safe and sacred space.

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