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photo by Elfie Hall

One of my continuing goals is to be able to offer my clients multiple modalities of support and empowerment.

You’re a complex, multilayered person. You are built of trillions of cells, and billions of experiences, and millions of thoughts and feelings. And when you approach any one habit, or trait, or perspective in your life, or anything else about yourself that you might want to explore or change or grow, you’re interacting with a whole system comprised of elements linked to all the various aspects of you throughout your life thus far. Everything about you is related to everything else.

Sometimes this means that a particular habit has layers that each need to be teased out and addressed individually in turn. Sometimes this means that a single element requires multiple measures to fully integrate. And still other times it means there’s an opportunity to further empower a chosen course, perspective, realization, or commitment.

I say more about specific packages that I offer down below, but in a general sense, my current  work operates on three separate but interwoven levels, and I’m looking to add a fourth in the near future. Respectively, they are the mental, emotional, energetic, and (soon) material aspects of personal balance. This means my clients have access to:

  • Co-Active Empowerment Coaching sessions which function on both conscious and subconscious levels to help you get clear about who you are and what you want, and to get organized around cultivating your ideal life.
  • Emotional Body Integration sessions that streamline the process of overcoming unhealthy emotional patterns and healing past emotional trauma.
  • Shamanic Journeying and Empowerment sessions crafted to divine spiritual guidance, remove energetic obstacles, and harmonize you to resonate at your highest possible frequency.

Wondering what on Earth that eventual fourth part could possibly be? Homeopathic Balancing sessions, of course(!), to address any physical dissonance that may be negatively influencing your health, however subtly or not, and thereby remove any somatic impediments to your equilibrium. That’s my next training goal! In the meantime, I continue to deepen my practice in the other three areas of my work, both through ongoing practice, but also through further training, apprenticeship, and personal exploration. I believe that as your optimal Self-Fulfillment tool, it’s part of my job to keep sharpening my skills with more and more conscientious honing.

And that’s why my clients get the results they deserve!

photo by Edward Burtynsky

photo by Edward Burtynsky

Depending on your specific needs, both at the outset of our work together and as we progress, we can craft a support system that is just right for you. When we agree to work together, we’ll set up how we want our system to function, and devise a plan for helping you move from where you are now to where you really want to be. And as we go along, we’ll have opportunities to adjust and design together as suits your optimal healing, growth, and development.

So… Curious to know more about the services I offer to support you? Well here’s more some pertinent details:

Co-Active Coaching

Some of you will no doubt wonder — what’s the big deal with this coaching thing?  Well, while there is plenty of great research out there, now, extolling the virtues of the life and business coaching profession, and I encourage you to explore it as you will, let me tell you a little bit about coaching as I understand and practice it. As I mentioned already, I was trained and certified by the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute of San Rafael, California. The founders of CTI pioneered their own version of life coaching called “Co-Active Coaching”, but the model they designed, and the certification provided by the school are recognized by the Internal Coaching Federation.
The central foundation in the coaching model I use is that the client is “naturally creative, resourceful, and whole”. My clients and I approach coaching as equals — allies, really — working together to get the client in touch with, and become habitual about acting from, the client’s own wisdom and courage and strength.


Emotional Body Integration

Have you ever noticed how often we find ourselves repeating patterns in life? Over and over the same things — the same dynamics, the same basic scenarios, the same kinds of interactions — occur. Sometimes, until it seems we are just “Groundhog Daying” our way through life, banging our heads against the same experiences.

These sessions are designed to help you get deeply in touch with the emotional content of your painful past experiences and patterns, to release stored trauma, and to reintegrate the disparate parts of your emotional self, so that you can stop living in a loop of re-experienced suffering.

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Shamanic Journeying and Empowerment Work

Often when working with clients, it becomes clear that a certain portion of the work we are doing is mental and logistical, a certain portion is emotional, and another measure is purely on the energetic level. For my clients who want to work specifically with the energetic field of their development, I offer time-honored practices in core Shamanism.

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