Facebook post from Liam Bowler, LMP, BCSI, host of The Body Awake podcast:

I just wanted to give a little public shout out to the fine coaching work of this gentleman, Nathan M McTague Cpcc. What began, for me, as “oh okay, this will be nice and help me reflect a little more clearly on what I’m doing” ended up being that and much deeper, more than I’d expected.

It was just after our first session that I had the idea for The Body Awake, and our sessions largely focused around that, not only as a project to get off the ground, but all the ways that project was, and is, a very poignant metaphor for who I am, and who I want to be, in the world.

Our work was real, in real time, and quite meaningful for me in the end.

Lots of fears and self-doubt came up in our work together, as they have so often in my life—and the lives of pretty much anyone I’ve ever met—and Nathan was right there with me … With the full attention, kindness and heart of an old friend, and the nudges, when they were called for, of a seasoned teacher.

Really, really happy I said yes to working with this guy. I will likely work with Nathan again, when it’s feeling like time for follow up.

Highly recommended  

Thanks, Nathan!

If you want to see the post and the follow-up comments from some other past clients, here’s the link: