Facebook post from Liam Bowler, LMP, BCSI, host of The Body Awake podcast:

I just wanted to give a little public shout out to the fine coaching work of this gentleman, Nathan M McTague. What began, for me, as “oh okay, this will be nice and help me reflect a little more clearly on what I’m doing” ended up being that and much deeper, more than I’d expected.

It was just after our first session that I had the idea for The Body Awake, and our sessions largely focused around that, not only as a project to get off the ground, but all the ways that project was, and is, a very poignant metaphor for who I am, and who I want to be, in the world.

Our work was real, in real time, and quite meaningful for me in the end.

Lots of fears and self-doubt came up in our work together, as they have so often in my life—and the lives of pretty much anyone I’ve ever met—and Nathan was right there with me … With the full attention, kindness and heart of an old friend, and the nudges, when they were called for, of a seasoned teacher.

Really, really happy I said yes to working with this guy. I will likely work with Nathan again, when it’s feeling like time for follow up.

Highly recommended  

Thanks, Nathan!

If you want to see the post and the follow-up comments from some other past clients, here’s the link:


IMG_8490Nathan has supported me to see my strengths, which helped me to move through some of the toughest times of my relationship. I reached out  last year when I was faced with a situation between my husband and I that involved addiction and lying. After going through Fight Without Fighting and private coaching by Nathan, I have been able to understand  the  vulnerable place my communications are coming from and how my brain functions during these times. This has empowered me to trust my intuition and be with my emotions. And, it is not everyday that a shamanic healer comes your way and magically pulls a rope out of your heart. True story.

Thank you Nathan!

— Lucia Pavone
Sex and Sensuality Coach