About Energy and Spirit Work

Shamanic Journeying and Empowerment Work

Often when working with clients, it becomes clear that a certain portion of the work we are doing is mental and logistical, a certain portion is emotional, and another measure is purely on the energetic level. For my clients who want to work specifically with the energetic field of their development, I offer time-honored practices in Spirit work/Shamanic healing.

For more on the traditions of core Shamanic practices go here.

In my work, I offer the following services:

  • Journeying — traveling to the lower and upper worlds of the Shamanic cosmology, for guidance, direction, and divination on behalf of clients. Ask your question and hear Spirit’s response.
  • Power Animal Retrieval — finding, connecting with, and bringing back an animal spirit ally for your specific empowerment and support in times of need and growth.
  • Removal of Intrusion(s) — locating, isolating, removing, and returning negative energy afflicting some portion or all of your energetic body back to Spirit.
  • Transfer of Power — much like Reiki, this practice transmutes positive, healing energy from Spirit into a portion or all of your energetic body.
  • Soul Retrieval — journeying to the Spirit World to locate, return, and reintegrate some piece(s) of soul split off from your whole self at an earlier (usually traumatic) point in your past.
  • Transgenerational Healing — easing ancestral pain, trauma, and imbalance passed down through the generations of your family to you.
  • Sound Healing — using the steady Theta-wave-inducing rhythm of Shamanic drumming to heal and balance the energetic body, calm the frenetic mind, and ease emotional overwhelm.

For more information on these services or to set-up a strategy session to discuss your specific situation and how I might help you, please message me at nmmctague.cpcc@gmail.com or schedule yourself here.