FAQs about EBI Work

The following is a brief list of the most frequently asked questions about the Emotional Body Integration work I facilitate:

  1. Who is EBI work for?
    Anyone struggling with painful life patterns; emotional or energetic shielding; hyper-reactivity to certain people or situations; or ancestral, transgenerational, and/or early life trauma.
  2. Do we need to already be working together in order to do EBI work together?
    No. Until recently, I have reserved these sessions for my preexisting clients, but I have now created a stand alone offering for those who are interested in this. However, I do recommend that for your own process you either schedule a follow-up Integration session (or set of them) with me, or do follow-up work with another trusted professional in order to get the most from your healing.
  3. Can these sessions be done remotely?
    YES! They certainly can. The only requirements are that you have headphones (for phone or Skype connection), and that you take care to craft and maintain safe and sacred space for yourself during the session.
  4. How long does it take?
    The Emotional Body work session itself takes around 2 hours. But much like going in for surgery, after the initial procedure, the healing and integration period can last anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks and beyond, depending on how well you allow and facilitate it.
  5. Do I need to do anything to prepare?
    YES! There are a few things I recommend.
  6. Do I need to do anything to support my healing afterward?
    YES! I have some recommendations for that too.
  7. Can I be hurt (physically, emotionally, or energetically) from EBI work?
    No. There is nothing we do in these sessions that can cause you any harm whatsoever. The creation and maintenance of safe space during the session is primarily to allow your nervous system to relax enough for the session to be as effective as possible, not because of the potential for danger in anything we’ll be doing.
  8. Is EBI like EMDR?
    EBI does involve a review of some potentially traumatic experience(s), but does not typically involve any reliving of that experience. And because of the emphasis on neuro-emotional safety, EBI sessions tend to be “kinder and gentler” than most people’s experience of EMDR.
  9. Are these sessions confidential?
    Absolutely. Nothing we discuss in these or any sessions together is accessible to anyone else for any reason whatsoever, even under compulsion of law, without your express consent.
  10. What results can I expect?
    There is a fairly broad range of potential effects from EBI work. Because so much depends on how you allow and facilitate your own healing process, I cannot guarantee that you will experience any particular results, but many of my clients have experienced and shared the following: integrating old trauma and getting free of the negative effects on their psyche and personality; releasing painful patterns that have kept them stuck; breaking old habits of being and doing; physical restoration and healing of chronic physical issues (skin rashes, aches and pains, auto-immune disorders); a return of old proclivities and the appearance of novel ones; less triggering around particular issues and people; as well as greater empowerment and clarity.
  11. How do I get started?
    Schedule your complimentary (that’s how we’re supposed to say “free!” in the FAQs) “Get the Splinter Out” Strategy Session with me here. We’ll chat for a bit about your situation, and if we feel like a match, and I feel sure I can help you, then we’ll discuss working together. There’s never any pressure, and I won’t even offer my services if I’m not completely confident I can be of support to you.