About You

The Ideal Coaching Client…

is YOU. Whether you’re a go-getter or a slow-and-steady-er; whether you’re anxious to reach your destination or don’t yet know where to start; whether you’re in it to win it or just enjoying the ride — if you want more out of your life and you’re ready to make some changes, then coaching is for you.

You know what you want. Whether you’re carrying a list in your hand or just the general idea in your head; whether you know what it looks like or simply have a sense of the feel; whether you’re hot on the trail or searching for clues — the truth of your life purpose is alive and well and living inside you. Even if you can’t yet imagine the very idea of knowing what you want, you are the measure of your own happiness and fulfillment, and together we can find the wisdom and personal insight that you’ve had with you all along.

Now, it maybe that what you’re feeling right at this moment is not the aliveness of your passion and purpose. It maybe that what you’re currently experiencing is where you have been held in, held back, and held down to ideas and ways of being that no longer serve who you feel yourself to be and becoming. It may be that fear has gripped you by the heart and is holding you captive. It may be that your self-trust has been diminished. It may be that you are carrying trauma with you from how you grew up or from some experience(s) in your past. And where you feel yourself to be is lost.

My coaching is designed to get you back to basics when faced with uncertainty, overwhelm, raging success, über-busy-ness, huge plans, or any particular set of circumstances that has thrown you off-kilter or made you wonder what to do next. I offer you a safe space to bring your set of concerns, your worries and fears, your hopes and dreams, and set them down before a caring, intuitive, and objective ally. Together we enter a process to unburden your mind, to pull apart the tangled thoughts and emotions and ideas, and to find new ways of seeing yourself and your place in life. It’s a path back to simplicity, to self and to personal values, and beyond to fulfillment. Whether you’re at your wit’s end or about to catch fire for your life purpose — I’m here to help you hear yourself, to trust yourself, and to empower yourself to unleash your highest potential and your ultimate success!

No matter where you are in your life — whether you’re in transition, looking for a fresh start, having ideas you don’t yet know how to make happen, lacking the motivation to move on your big plans, or just plain stuck — I can meet you where you where you are and together we can begin helping you move forward.

All you need to bring is your willingness to learn, your commitment to act on your own behalf, and your courage. You’ll also, of course, have with you everything you think and feel and dream, everything you value, everything you want, everything you stand for, and everything you won’t stand for — in a word: YOU.

Feel free to get in touch with me via my contact page and tell me more about you and your situation, or use my handy-dandy scheduler to set up a complimentary strategy session where we can talk about what you’re after and how I might be of service. Can’t wait to meet and support you!


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