Forget Everything Else


Through the Center for Emotional Education, my partner, Natalie Christensen, and I have been supporting the world’s most powerful moms for the past eleven years. We’ve created and led well over 50 courses, and taught thousands of parents how to have better feeling, more connected relationships with their children.

But when I started off being a parent almost 20 years ago, I didn’t know aannyyything. I made mistakes I feel embarrassed by now. I did things I would never suggest. And I cried so hard so many times in sheer helplessness and desperation.

I felt so triggered and was so ill-equipped — I remember looking at my little baby daughter and thinking, “Oh f@¢%! I’ve got to be way better than I am now, or I’m not going to be good enough for her.”

And from that moment on, I made it my mission to learn everything there was to know about helping my (now 3!) children learn and grow and become the best possible version of themselves.

Several years later, Natalie and I (and a fellow parent and coach) co-created the line of emotional teaching tools called Feeleez; and Natalie and I co-founded the Center for Emotional Education and began teaching and mentoring parents in all that we had learned (and were continuing to learn…) in our collective research and experience.

Natalie and I now teach our courses to and work one-to-one with gentle parents all over the world. And in all our years of study (19 for me, nearly 16 together), in all our years of parenting (they are currently 18, 15, and 11…), and all our years guiding others in parenting (and now in all other forms of relationship as well) — there are 5 concepts that we consider absolutely pivotal, that make all the difference in whether or not we parents have a good relationship with our kid(s).

The April mini-course from the Center for Emotional Education is called “Forget Everything Else”. It is these 5 make-or-break concepts.

Presented on a private web platform.
5 easy phases.
Starts April 8.
Just $29.

Want to rest assured that you have the most important parenting concepts in your tool kit? We’ve got you covered.

You may go here ( to find out more and if you wish to sign up!

Be well.