Another post from the DreamCatching project, just perfect for you! ❤

28 DAYS at the BRINK!

Ladies, gentlemen, and all of us in between — greetings and salutations from the Brink!

Today’s theme is trUst. One of the overwhelming motifs of this entire project (the art, the collaborations, the coaching sessions, the interactions I’ve had with gallery visitors, the experience of living on Front St.) all distills into the concept of trUst. Self-trUst that we can live and maneuver and express ourselves as we authentically think and feel and create; trUst in community to accept us as we are and enrich us as we grow; and trUst in the universal process of which we all are part.

It’s a nice package deal, these levels of trUst. They feed each other and fit together in a healthy system. When we’re brave enough to trUst ourselves to truly sh!ne who we are — to let ourSelves, our individual most-me’s, out — then we have an opportunity to be…

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